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Web Designing

Our company's skillful team offers various services for website designing like static website, CMS driven website, open source website development services etc. Our company has vast experience in creating web portals for its clients from across the globe and provides a unique way of web design which creates a place in the market. There are lot of things which comes under the process of web designing such as planning, research and advertising etc.

Flash Website

Flash Websites are those websites in which we can add motion, interactivity and some good visual experience. Flash websites are those websites in which we can add motion, interactivity and some good visual experience. The qualities of an impressive flash website are low bandwidth, loads fast, smooth interaction etc. These sites transport some kind of reality and fantasy to the flash movie. These are really good and beneficial for business to grow.

Web Portal Development

A Web Portal is a site which provides information on the World Wide Web. Portals give information from wide sources in a specified way. Some popular portals are MSN, Yahoo, and AOL. We can buy product and services on web portals. These are browser based applications and helps in connecting. We give you a web portal according to your priorities.

CMS Website Development

Content Management System (CMS) is web based tool which enables the website and administrator or any authorized person to add, delete and update website content, pages and images from the website. A CMS driven website enables you to update your existing website in terms of its contents and other media. There is no need technical knowledge or programming skills. These methods can be manual or computer-based. Our skillful professional web development experts will take care to hand over the full control of each and every page of your website, so that you can update your website when needed. We use PHP and ASP.NET programming with MySQL 5.1 and SQL Server database to deliver a cost effective web solution for your business entities altogether.

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance is an important part of website designing. It deals with the look after of your website after it is fully furnished. From updating existing website content, imagery and feel, we improve all that is called old fashioned. Website maintenance enables you to keep your followers and visitors with up to date information about our offerings, products and services. Redesigning of website theme, new updated content, updated and fresh graphics all these comes under Website Maintenance.

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